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  • Date of Birth


  • Place of Birth

    JHB General Hospital

  • Hobbies

    Like going out with friends for movies


  • Jersey Number: 1
  • Position: Goal Keeper
  • Joining Date: #
  • Previous Clubs: Blue Stars
Metropo 1 Jersey Number

About: Family, Soccer, Career

Have a mother and father but they not married. I have a brother and I’m the last born. Currently I live with my two aunts, my mother, three cousins and my brother. I started playing soccer when I was 1 year and also played for supers port united development for two years

Describe yourself in less than 50 words

I’m a boy who loves being alone. Very shy around people. I’m not use to. Very humble and respectful. Hardworking when I’ve applied my mind on doing something. Short tempered but currently working on it. When I haven’t seen my family in a while. I become sad and lonely