Centre Back

  • Surname


  • Nickname

    Andy / “MA Ah”

  • Date of Birth


  • Place of Birth

    Grey town (Kwa-Zulu Natal)

  • Hobbies

    Playing Play station, Listening to music


  • Jersey Number: 36
  • Position: Centre Back
  • Joining Date: 2016
  • Previous Clubs: Matimatolo Fc, Sharks Academy
Metropo # 36

About: Family, Soccer, Career

My parents only have two kids/ children, I’m the first born and I have a little sister. I was born and breeded in Greytown born in a family of athletes. (My father , uncle and cousins) all play soccer so that is how I was introduced to the game. I started playing soccer at an early age. Then at the age of 14 started to play for SAB Castle League at the age of 17 joined an SAB Motsepe known as Vodacom franchise. After two years I quit soccer cause had to decide between soccer and rugby that time. I had a rugby scholarship at the sharks academy. After 4 months resume with soccer then January joined BLFC

Describe yourself in less than 50 words

I’m a humble down to earth type of guy, can be shy at times and love voicing out my opinion. I have a good interpersonal and intellectual skills and I strive to be successful in everything I do in life. I’m also a good fearing man.